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Show your dad he’s appreciated with our ideas on how to make Father’s Day special

Dads do a lot. Putting up shelves, gardening, family chauffeur, the job description goes on and on. After 364 days spent looking after you, June 18 is Father’s Day and time to appreciate the main man! If your dad deserves to be spoilt rotten this year, we’ve got a list of ideas to show just how much he’s appreciated.

Let him lie in

Most dads like a nice lie in but never get the chance having to get up early for work or taking the kids to school. This Father’s Day, turn the tables by letting him stay in bed for as long as he wants. Make sure to keep the noise down until he stirs and for extra brownie points, make him breakfast in bed with a hot cup of his favourite brew.

Daddy day out

Dust off the fishing rod and head to a favourite spot; start your engines at a car track day; go for a pint at his favourite pub. Whatever your dad loves doing, spend the day doing it together and watch pop’s face light up.


Nostalgia is good for the soul, which makes Father’s Day the perfect time to gather the family together and listen to dad’s stories. Get him to tell you a secret about his life that you’ve never heard before or how he first got together with mum. Sharing happy memories from when dad was young and carefree is almost guaranteed to make his day.

Special party

If your dad loves spending time with friends and family, throw a party he’ll remember. In June, the weather is usually warmer, so a fun-for-the-whole-family BBQ could work out great. If not, good food and a fridge full of cold beers will be more than enough to make most dads’ day.

Father’s Day IOU vouchers

Homemade IOU vouchers make a great alternative Father’s Day gift. Ideas include things like IOU one car wash, one day of no whining, one day of help with the gardening. The idea is that dads can save their gift for another day and have something to look forward to.

Do the daily chores for him

Most dads have a long list of daily tasks to tackle. Whether it’s taking the bins out, mowing the lawn or doing the washing up, a day off from these boring jobs will be welcomed by most. If you know there’s a chore your dad especially hates, tell him that you’ll take care of it on Father’s Day.

Make his favourite meal

Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so take the time to prepare a delicious dinner. You can play it safe by cooking dad’s favourite meal or you can go all adventurous by trying something new. Either way, stuffing him to the gills is sure to go down a storm.

Let him relax

We’ve given you a whole list of ideas, but if your dad just wants to sit on the couch and relax, let him do that. If you hog the TV remote or games console throughout a normal week, give your dad a whole day to watch or play what he wants for a change.


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