All of us here at Buy As You View can’t stop talking about the Royal Baby!

With The Duchess of Cambridge ready to give birth at any moment, it’s all we can talk about!  A Royal source tells that Kate’s due date was July 13.  She and Prince William announced at the start of the year that the baby was due in July, but did not announce the date.  We simply can’t wait to find out if the Royal couple are going to have a boy or girl.

The Royal Baby

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Whether you’re a royalist or not, you can’t escape the media madness that’s surrounding the new addition to the Royal family; everyone’s excited and has their own views and opinions.

There has also been plenty of speculation about the baby’s name; the favourites so far are Alexandra, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Victoria, Grace, James and George.  What are your thoughts?  Have you had a guess yet?   Has anyone thought if it’s a girl that she could be named after Will’s late mum Diana?

Are you pregnant at the moment and due soon?  If you are, did you know that anyone born in Britain on the same day as Will and Kate’s baby will receive a special coin from the Royal Mint?  It’s a silver penny dated 2013 that will come in a blue pouch for a boy, or a pink one for a girl.  How fantastic is that!

The Queen herself has made a few jokes whilst visiting a school in the Lake District.  She was asked by a 10 year old school girl “Do you want Kate’s baby to be a boy or girl?” The Queen replied “I don’t think I mind”, she then added “I’d very much like it to arrive…  I’m going on holiday soon.”

Even the likes of celebrity and friend to Will and Kate, David Beckham joked that they should name the baby after himself as it’s a good name.  We all love you too David!

So another good question if you’re expecting a baby soon is, how prepared are you?  There is just so much to think about!

So here are just a few pointers to help you along the way…

Remember to sleep when the baby sleeps!  So make sure you have a really comfy double bed ready. A good choice would be the Sublime 3000 Divan Bed from Buy As you View.  Its super soft fabric and 3000 pocket sprung support mattress will guarantee you the best night sleep possible with a newborn around.  Also, however hard we try not to put the baby in bed with us, it always turns out that way.  So a great big bed is just what you need!

You also need to think about storage space!  All your friends and family are going to be buying you all sorts of cute baby outfits, but have you planned where you’re going to store them all?  If not check out this stylish bedroom range from Alina – it includes a wardrobe, a 3 drawer chest and a bedside cabinet, and the best bit is the price. From only £4.45 per week*, you can’t go wrong!  Think of all the toys, clothes, and baby equipment you could store!

Speaking of clothes, please tell us you have a washing machine and tumble dryer sorted?  If not think fast, as your little bundle of joy is going to go through their new little outfits in the blink of an eye.  If you are looking for a washing machine check out the low weekly payments on this Beko washer, which comes in at only £2.99 per week!*

And finally, let’s consider the washing up!  We all hate doing it, but just think how much worse it’ll be when you’re tired and the baby needs a fresh bottle fast!  Well don’t fret as we have the Beko 12 place setting Dishwasher at only £4.11 per week!*  With this in your kitchen you can insure that your dishes are always clean without having to get your hands dirty!

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So, going back to the Royal baby, what do you think?  Boy or girl?  You could join us over on facebook and get involved with voicing your thoughts?

We hope you found this article interesting and we hope to see you again next week, where we’ll have further updates on Will and Kate’s baby. Hopefully the suspense will be over and we’ll all know who the future King or Queen will be!

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