Auditions for the new series of The X Factor start today, and to celebrate we’ve pulled together our favourite auditions from the show’s 10-year history.

1. Abby and Lisa AKA Ablisa

Look out for that right hook. Ouch!


2. “You wanna hear me rooooaaaarrrr!”

Contestant: “I’m a holistic vocal coach”.

Simon: “What Does That Mean?”

Contestant: “I’m a vocal coach, I work holistically”



3. Ant and Seb

“Come on, move your body”.


4. The next Celine Dion?

Make. It. Stop.


5. What’s the first line again?

“I’d love to be more popular than Whitney Houston herself.”


6. Not your average pop star

It’s a no from me.


7. And finally, Simon’s worst EVER audition

“At the end of the day, I deserve it. I’m just too God damn good.”

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