The festivities are over and January can seem like a long month after the huge expense of Christmas. At Buy As You View we want to help, so have put together some simple steps to help ease some of the money worries you may be facing this month.

5 steps to beating the Financial Blues

1. Keep a record of your income and outgoings.


A first step to improving your situation is understanding it. Make a note of everything by reviewing your bank account, or if you dont have one – gather record of all documents linked to your income and outgoings. Making a list of everything will help, even if it’s just with plain, old and simple pen and paper!


2. Plan and stick to a budget.

Piggy Bank

Following a strict plan will really help minimise the damage done over the Christmas period. You can create your own budget or there is lots of support out there for managing your money. The Money Advice Service offers budget planners, one of which takes just 5 minutes to  complete and will help you work out how much spending money you have after paying your bills.

Click here for contact details of other organisations that can help with money and debt advice.


3. Always look for cheaper options.

Film Night In

This covers anything from comparing prices at the supermarket to having a night in instead of a night out with friends. For example, instead of cinema and restaurant trips with friends or family why not cook at home and have a film night in.


4. Cut down on luxuries, don’t buy why what you don’t need.

Give Up Smoking

Trying to go back to basics can really help you get in control. For example, perhaps now is a good time to quit smoking or re-think that extra lottery ticket.


5. If you really need something – minimise the costs.


If there is something you really need for your home this January and are looking to become a customer of Buy As You View then we recommend our Valueline stock. You can minimise your payments with the range of refurbished, certified and reduced products.

At Buy As You View we are responsible lenders and our payment system offers you a convenient and manageable way to plan purchases, giving you complete control over your repayments.

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