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Doing the weekly family shop is a big task! You’ve got to remember to get all of the day to day basics (toilet paper, soap, washing up liquid…), as well as the essential groceries (marg, eggs – and please don’t forget the milk!).

And make sure you’ve got tasty meals for the evening that everybody will enjoy. That’s also without the kids asking you to buy treats – hands up if ice-cream, crisps and biscuits are at the top of your shopping list now that it’s the school holidays!

Buy As You View know that getting everything you need from the supermarket for your family can leave a dent in your purse. Especially if you throw into your shopping basket some well-loved favourites like Heinz or Kelloggs!

That’s why we’ve taken a look at some own-brand options for those items that find their way into your trolley again and again!

Aldi checks out better than the ‘big four’

Back in May, Aldi was labelled the cheapest supermarket for bargain hunters, beating the likes of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. As well as beating the ‘big four’ on price, Aldi are also making huge advances in quality. That’s why we’ve picked Aldi’s own-brand range to see how their products check out against the big brands.

We chose 10 popular products to compare – let’s see how they got on!

Fish Fingers

Fishfingers for dinner, BAYVThere’s no doubt about it, fish fingers are loved by kids (and adults!) of all ages. Perfect for dinner with chips and peas, or why not for lunch in a sandwich!

Birds Eye cod fish fingers come 12 in a pack. They are 100% fish fillet, with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings. These are a firm family favourite but at £2 a box they can be an expensive family tea.

Aldi’s Northern Catch fish fingers come in a box of 10 for only £1.19. Whilst you’re down 2 fish fingers, it’s still a great saving as each fish finger costs only 12p! These fish fingers are also 100% cod fish fillet, filled with good quality fish and have no danger of being bulked up with potato! A great saving and great value!


A plate of chips, which brand is your favourite? BAYVStraight cut, crinkle cut or French fry, it’s hard to imagine not having chips on your teatime menu. They go with everything – burgers, chicken nuggets and of course, your fish fingers!

Think chips and you probably think of McCain’s – crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. The flavour is great but a 1.5kg bag of Straight Cut chips will set you back a chunky £2.50.

Champion chips from Aldi are a tasty option and a fraction of the cost. Champion’s 1.5kg bag of Straight Cut chips is only 75p per bag. They are made using sunflower oil and can be cooked in the oven, grilled or fried – giving you 3 easy options for cooking! When you’re feeding a hungry family and need a big bag of chips in your freezer, 75p for a huge bag is a brilliant deal!

Tomato Ketchup

Ketchup, is it Heinz or not? BAYVYou might find yourself lost if you have a bowl of chips and no ketchup to dunk them in! But which ketchup should you go for?

Could you swap big branded Heinz for the supermarket range and be happy?

Yes you can! Aldi’s Bramwell’s tomato ketchup is only 58p for a 560g bottle and actually contains more tomatoes than the Heinz counterpart. A 460g bottle of Heinz will set you back £1.50. That’s well over twice the price for a bottle that is a 100g smaller.


Baked Beans

A plate of Baked Beans, we review the best brands, BAYV‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ – so the ad slogan says – but do you believe your family will ONLY like Heinz beans on their toast?

Aldi has two ranges of baked beans, an essential and a premium range – and their premium range Corale comes in a rich tomato sauce. Some customer reviews rate them just as good as any other baked bean, while others give the beans a bit of a thumbs down…..so the jury is still out on the taste test!

The price is a definite plus however – only 29p for a 425g can, while Heinz is nearly 3 times the price at 75p for a 415g. The sauce, texture and flavour of Heinz Beanz is hard to beat, but this is a close call. If you can cope with a change, Aldi offers a good alternative.


Cornflakes for breakfast, branded or supermarket? BAYVCrunchy yellow flakes of corn – it’s a simple cereal, so is it really something you need to splash out on or can you easily enjoy the supermarket option?

Cornflakes are a great breakfast – quick to make, easy to eat and very more-ish, which means the 750g Kelloggs pack that costs you £2 might not last long inside your kitchen cupboard.

There’s no doubt that Kelloggs Corn Flakes have a brilliant balance of crunch and flavour, but Aldi’s version holds up as a pretty mean competitor in the cereal war. Customer reviews of Aldi’s Harvest Morn Cornflakes say they can’t tell the difference between these and Kelloggs! At only 85p for a 500g box, you also won’t need to worry if you need to add a couple more boxes to your shopping list this summer.

Frozen Pizza

Pizza for tea, BAYVPerfect for stocking up the freezer and for cooking for tea when you’ve got a houseful of your children’s friends! But who makes the best pizza?

Aldi’s own brand pizza makes stiff competition for Goodfellas.

They both have deep bases, lots of flavour and are layered with delicious toppings of either cheese or pepperoni. They’re also both made in a perfect size for sharing, at 417g (£1.25 from Goodfellas) and 400g (89p from Carlos at Aldi). But, with a saving of 36p you may find yourself tempted to stock up on the Carlos pizzas when you’re next at Aldi.


Babies, we review the cheapest nappy brands BAYVDepending on the size of your family, you’ve probably been throwing nappies into your trolley for some time. And there’s always lots of talk among mums about which nappies to use and which are the best. Yes, it’s true that you may need to try a few out on your little ones, but Aldi’s Mamia range of baby products has great feedback and even greater prices.

We all know Pampers Baby Dry – they promise 12 hours of dryness and some mums swear by them. But the price doesn’t come cheap. Prices differ by size, but it’s 11.7p per nappy for a size 3 and 15.2p for a size 5!

Compare this to Mamia Ultra Dry nappies which are just 6-8.5p per nappy. Each pack is only £3.39 and the number of nappies included changes slightly as the size goes up! So you’ll get 56 size 3 nappies and 40 size 5. The nappies are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, breathable, made with fibres from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and also promise 12 hours dryness protection, day or night! Mamia Ultra check out at half the price of Pampers Baby Dry and at the rate you get through nappies can you afford not to pick this option?

Laundry Detergent

Pegs on a washing line, we review the best value products, BAYVSchool holiday or not, you probably find that you have your washing machine on, A LOT! So laundry detergent is one of those items in your shopping trolley all the time.

Persil has a reputation for getting rid of dirt and grime. You can get it in Bio or Non-Bio, or especially for coloured washes. An 825ml bottle promises 25 washes for £3.50.

Aldi have an own-brand alternative that checks out at £1.69 a bottle and gives 21 washes. They also offer Bio, Non-Bio and a special Jasmine fragrance option too. For something so basic and necessary as washing clothes, going with the supermarket brand makes sense. You’ll still have clean clothes and also a little extra to spend on other nice treats in your weekly shop.

Liquid Soap

Handsoaps, how to save money, BAYVIt’s the summer holidays so there will be lots of outside playtime and lots of dirt, which means a great deal on soap would come in handy.

Carex’s 250ml liquid soap comes in lots of great flavours but costs £1.25 a bottle. With a busy family, a bottle will probably disappear fast.

Aldi’s option, Aqua V, offers a double sized bottle (500ml) for 49p! Plus, it’s antibacterial, just like the leading brands, so you can feel reassured that it’s doing a great job cleaning messy little hands.


Shower Gel

Shower products, how to save money, BAYVWhen you start your day, do you reach for a supermarket shower gel or do you always buy the popular brand? There’s a huge range of supermarket own brand shower gels out there and they try really hard to match the branded ones in colour, smell and texture! It’s tough to spot the difference.

Aldi’s Aqua V Kick Start Shower Gel comes in 3 different options: Vanilla & Raspberry, Zesty Lemon and Tingling Mint & Tea Tree. At only 65p per bottle it’s a solid saving when compared with Radox’s bottle at 90p. Aldi’s Shower Gels also contain 100% natural essential oils and are moisturising to help leave your skin soft.

Radox do have a bigger selection of fragrances which is a plus and colours that grab your attention on the shelves, but Aldi’s version compares really well if you’re looking to grab a bargain.

And that’s our run down – there’s only one thing left to do and that’s a taste test! Let us know what your supermarket-favourites are! And don’t forget to check out our fridge-freezer and cooker ranges if your kitchen is in need of a spruce.

[All name brand comparisons are based on the price of goods available at Asda, excluding special offers. Prices were correct as of July 2016].

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