Now that school’s out for summer we’re sure that plenty of you are looking for fun-filled activities to keep your little ones entertained over the next six weeks.

If it’s sunny, head to the nearest park with a homemade picnic. Children will enjoy their lunch even more if they’ve had fun helping to prepare it, so let them get involved in the kitchen when you’re putting the picnic basket together. Quirky sandwiches are very popular on parenting blogs at the moment and there are plenty of great recipe ideas on the internet. Why not try these Silly Face Sandwiches or this fantastic Pirate Sandwich?

Don’t forget to take along a football or rounders set with you to make the most of the fresh air and tire the little ones out before tea!

If it rains there are still plenty of fun things to do, which is lucky since we live in the UK! Classic board games like Cluedo and Monopoly never fail to bring the whole family together so it’s a good idea to have a supply at home just in case of an unexpected rainy day. You could even create a ‘rainy day cupboard’ in your house and fill it with board games, favourite books and films and some basic arts and crafts materials such as card, coloured pencils and paints.

Iced biscuit ideas from Buy As You VIew

Use lots of shapes and colours!

Baking simple fairy cakes and biscuits is another lovely way to spend a rainy day. Kids can help to prepare the mixture as long as there’s an adult to take the baking tray in an out of the oven and the decorating is the most fun part of all. This easy recipe for iced biscuits is a good place to start.

What about those long car journeys? Lots of families will be ‘staycationing’ this year (staying in the UK for their summer holiday rather than going abroad), which will probably mean driving to your holiday destination. Keeping children entertained when they’re stuck in the back of the car for several hours is a challenge for even the very best of parents.

Sony Playstation Vita from Buy As You View

Great for long car journeys!

A pencil and paper is always handy, but there are only so many times you can play hangman and noughts and crosses! A handheld games console like the Sony PlayStation Vita is a good option, or the LG Optimus Prime tablet which is currently on offer from Buy As You View with a whopping £200 saving! The Sony PlayStation Vita has built in Wifi and 3G, a 4GB memory card and front and rear cameras, and it also comes with two different games. The top of the range LG Optimus Prime tablet has a 8.9” touchscreen which will show your children’s favourite films and television shows in top quality as well as 3D video recording and Google services.

However you’ll be spending your summer holiday, whether indoors or outdoors, home or away, we hope we’ve given you some ideas to help make sure they’re full of fun!

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