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The deadline to renew your tax credits is 8pm on 31st July. If you haven’t already renewed, read these simple tips on how to do it.

Renewing your tax credits

If you are already claiming tax credits, you will automatically be sent a renewal pack in the post. This applies to both child tax credits and working tax credits. The pack will tell you how to renew your tax credits, and if you need to make any changes. If your pack has not arrived, you should call the tax credits helpline on 0345 300 3900 and HMRC will be able to help you.

Your tax credits must be renewed by 8pm on 31st July – if you fail to make any required changes to your account within the deadline, your payments will stop as the government will assume you no longer require this money.

Does everyone need to renew?

For some people renewal of their tax credits will be automatic. You can easily find out by checking your renewal pack when it arrives.

If your renewal pack simply says ‘check now’, check that your details are all correct, and if they are then you don’t need to do anything. Your tax credits will be automatically renewed. If details in your pack are incorrect, you need to inform the Tax Credit Office by 8pm on 31st July.

If your renewal pack says ‘reply now’ you must manually renew your tax credits through one of the below options.

What to look out for

If you are registered and entitled to tax credits, you will receive one of these documents in the post:

If your pack says ‘check now’ –

Brown Envelope

If your pack says ‘reply now’ –

White Envelope

Carefully check through the enclosed details and make sure all the information is correct. If all is fine, you don’t need to do anything. If anything is incorrect or needs updating, let the tax office know before 8pm on 31st July by phone or online. See below. You MUST return the form to the tax office with your details completed. This can be done by post, by phone, or online. See below for more information. Be sure to return the form before 8pm on the 31st July to avoid missing out on payments.

Renewal Tool Kit

Before you call HMRC to change your details, make sure you have the following things at your side:

  • Your renewal pack, if you have one. This should have arrived in the post.
  • Your National Insurance number.
  • Your total income for the last tax year, for you and your partner. This includes all relevant income, including second jobs, loans, or inheritances.
  • And finally, the details of any changes to your circumstances or personal details, such as home address, bank accounts, or family members.

How do I renew my tax credits?

There are three ways to renew your tax credits: by phone, by post, or online.

You can renew by phone by calling HMRC on 0345 300 3900 (or +44 2890 538 192 if you live outside of the UK).

You can renew by post by returning your tax credit renewal form to:

HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office
Comben House
Farriers Way
L75 1AX
United Kingdom

You can renew online at the gov.uk website.

5 Top Tips for a Smooth Renewal


CHECK YOUR POST – Your renewal pack will have been sent automatically to your home address. Check your post regularly, and contact HMRC if it’s missing.

ACT EARLY – Return your renewal by post, phone or online as early as possible to minimise the risk of complications. Then you can relax, knowing it’s done.

SET ASIDE TIME – It’s tempting to skip over the instructions in the pack and fill in the paperwork straightway. Even if you have done it before, make sure you set aside time to read through all of the information properly. Mistakes happen when you rush things and you want to make sure you do everything correctly.

DOUBLE-CHECK – Carefully check that all personal details in your pack are correct, and then check again. You can even ask a friend or family member to check it for you too. A second pair of eyes may spot any silly mistakes you might not have seen.

SIGN IT! – This might sound silly but many people forget to sign their renewal. Your paperwork must be signed to be legally valid. Not signing your form in all of the right places may result in the loss of payments and having to pay back the money you’ve already received.

How much will I get?

Everybody who qualifies for working tax credits will receive the basic amount of £1,960 in 2016-17. They may also receive further money depending on personal circumstances.

A similar system is used for calculating child tax credits. The amount you receive is also ‘means tested’, which means that it depends on how much you earn. This is why it’s important that you check and double check your details and make sure that your income is correct.


With the right information to hand, the tax credits renewal process is easy, quick and painless. But remember to set aside time to check your details thoroughly.

With these top tips in mind, your application will be completed in no time – meaning you can get back to life as usual.

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