It’s now ready for our customers and we’re so excited! Our top class edge backlit LED TV creates a crystal clear, rich colour display and what’s more, Optica is exclusively available from Buy As You View.

Optica 3D HD TV from BAYV

Full HD 1080p Technology With 4 free 3D Glasses!

With a 42” screen and 3D LED Full HD technology, the Optica TV is great for watching sports, movies, games and more – not to mention its sleek and sophisticated design which comes with a chrome stand and black footplate as standard. Check out some of the amazing features that make this TV the one you want…

HD 3D Optica TV with LED Backlight Technology

Slimmer, Brighter & More Energy Efficient!

If you’re still sitting on the fence (although we can’t see how you possibly could be if you’ve read this far!), here are a few other things that will help to make your mind up. Firstly, there’re the pre-loaded apps. It currently comes with YouTube, Netflix, BBC News and TuneIn Radio with a whole host of other apps to follow. There’s also the fact that it’s WiFi enabled with web 2.0 technology and USB, meaning that you get the benefits of any new technology in your living room without any hassle. It has a USB PVR schedule and time-shift  as well as a wireless air mouse and 4 pairs of 3D glasses.

The Optica TV really is something special and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts. For the full specification, you can visit out dedicated Optica webpage and don’t forget to give us your thoughts, either on our Facebook page or in the comments box below.

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