Introducing our new range of televisions, exclusive to Buy As You View! The new Finlux range of TVs are sheer excellence terms of design and functionality and we are certain that once you try one of these little beauties, you won’t ever want to let it go!  And what’s more, we have a large selection of sizes, suitable for every home and every budget.

Sleek, slim and rammed full of the latest technology, the Finlux range of TVs come in 22”, 26”, 40”, 42” (LCD) and 55” (LED TV).

Finlux pay weekly TV range from Buy As You View

Finlux TVs – exclusive to Buy As You View

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) uses LCD display technology to produce images. LCDs are by far the most popular and widely produced display type and work by sandwiching an electrically reactive substance between two electrodes. The colour is created by varying the strength of the electrical current passed between the electrodes.  LCD display screens use much less power than the technology previously used in televisions – CRT (Cathode-Ray Tube).

LED TVs are basically the next generation of LCD TVs. Strictly speaking, LED TVs are LCD TVs, but instead of using florescent lamps to illuminate the display panel, they use LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights instead. LED TV is just the phrase used by manufacturers to differentiate between the two, when in fact they are both LCD.  LED TVs are between 10-40% more efficient than standard LCD TVs and are becoming more commonplace with larger televisions, hence its use with the 55” TV in the Buy As You View Finlux range.

As well as the range of sizes already mentioned above, BAYV are also offering a number of TV packages, including the 40 inch Finlux TV with stand and the 26 inch LCD TV with DVD player. And don’t forget that we have a fantastic range of sofas and sofa suites for you and your family to snuggle up on to watch your fantastic new TV!

You can view the full range of Finlux TVs on the Buy As You View website and don’t forget that until 9th December 2011, you can enter our competition to win a Finlux 26” TV! All you need to do is watch the new BAYV TV advert and spot how many times you can see Tedward, the BAYV mascot bear. To enter, go to our Facebook page and fill in the simple form.

Good luck!

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