At Buy As You View (BAYV), we support a wide range of education based charities across the UK as well as donating products such as televisions and tablets to local schools. We are also in our fifth year of partnering with the Education Business Partnership in South Wales, which involves our colleagues going out to local schools to talk about the different careers paths we have on offer within Buy As You View. We also offer help with interview skills and of course we’re always keeping our eye out for new talent!

Whilst we all agree that school based education is an extremely important part of our children’s lives, there are a number of things we can do at home to support this, much of which is now available online or via phone and tablet based applications. In this article, we have highlighted some of our favourite educational, creative and play based apps to support your little ones on their way, from pre-school right up to junior school.

Educational Apps:

Farm 123

FARM 123 – STORYTOYS JR: iPhone/iPad – £1.49. A digital pop-up book for pre-school-age children, teaching them to count from one to 10 with cows, pigs and eggs.

My A-Z

MY A-Z: iPhone/iPad – £1.49. Personalised alphabetical flash-cards where children can add their own photos and sounds for letters e.g. a picture of their dog and its bark for “D”.

Times Tables

TIMES TABLES: SQUEEBLES MULTIPLICATION: iPhone/iPad/Android – £0.69. Aimed at 5 to 11 year olds, providing a series of multiplication questions to earn stars and rescue cartoon characters from a ‘Maths Monster’.

World Atlas

BAREFOOT WORLD ATLAS iPad – £2.99. Great for kids who are just discovering geography. It’s a digital globe with music, animation and information about countries, people and nature.

Creative Apps:

Art My Kid Made

ART MY KID MADE: iPhone – Free. If you’ve run out of room on your fridge for your children’s drawings and paintings, this app helps you capture and store photos of the real-world artworks, whilst sharing them with family and friends on social networks.

Disney Pixle'd

DISNEY PIXEL’D: iPhone/iPad – Free. This will appeal to creative parents as well as children, as it involves taking some of Disney’s most famous characters and creating your own pixel-art drawings and animations, which can then be shared online.

Doodle Cast

DOODLECAST FOR KIDS: iPhone/iPad – £1.49. A drawing app with a twist for children – they can also record their voice as they draw. The results can then be turned into a video of up to three minutes in length which can then be sent to friends and family.

Play Based Apps

Lego Superhero

LEGO SUPER HEROES MOVIE MAKER: iPhone/iPad – Free. Hours of fun for all the family. This app helps children create their own Lego movies, using stop-motion photos of characters and scenes that they’ve built in the real world.

Toca Kitchen

TOCA KITCHEN: iPhone/iPad – £1.49. Before letting children loose on a real kitchen, see what they think of this virtual one. It gets them to cook for four characters, slicing, boiling, frying and microwaving ingredients to create tasty (or not) meals.

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