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The school holidays are almost at an end, and for many busy mums, finding new ways to keep the little ones entertained has now become a struggle. All attempts of trying to stay on top of things at home have probably gone out the window, and the endless stream of summer clubs, activities and play dates will have left many feeling a little frazzled and a lot out of pocket.

Here at Buy As You View, we’re all about making life easier for less. So whether you’re looking for some budget-friendly activities to do with the kids to get you through the final days of the school holidays or some tried-and-tested tips for organising your home, here are our top household hacks for making life a little less chaotic this summer:

Scribble-friendly surfaces

Scribble-friendly household hacks, BAYV.Whiteboard pens are cheap to buy, and believe it or not, there are plenty of whiteboard-friendly surfaces already available in your home. From scribbling daily reminders on your bedroom mirror to building weekly shopping lists on your fridge, whiteboard pens offer an easy way to instantly jot down ideas. And once you’re done, all you need to do is take a quick snap on your smartphone before heading out to the shops.

But remember to keep your pens out of reach of little ones – the last thing you want to be doing is scrubbing artwork off your walls for the rest of the summer holidays!


Elastic band door stops

Rubber band door stop, BAYV.When the weather is warmer, it’s great to let a summer breeze in through open windows and doors, but all too often this can result in doors slamming from the drafts. Wrapping a single elastic band around both handles of a door in a figure of eight formation not only stops this from happening, but keeps doors ajar and prevents young children from trapping fingers and getting locked inside rooms.





Broken crayon bakes

Broken crayon hacks, BAYV.School holidays are often an ongoing cycle of play dates and tidying, especially when the kids fancy getting stuck into some arts and crafts. But instead of banishing that trail of broken wax crayons to the bin, give them a new lease of life by collecting the broken bits and gently melting them in the oven in a silicone baking mould or muffin tin. Once cooled, you’ll be left with chunky, tie-dye style wax crayon discs which are not only great for small hands, but are perfect for creating colourful rainbow designs.




Time-saving stickered insoles

Shoe insole stickers, BAYV.Although the school holidays can provide a welcome break from the weekday morning routine, getting your children up and ready for play dates, clubs and activities can still be prove to be an ongoing battle. To help get little ones dressed quickly whilst still providing some all-important independence, take a sticker of your child’s favourite character, cut it vertically down the middle and stick each half on the insole of each shoe. Matching up the picture correctly will help them put the right shoes on the right feet and help you get out the door in time.



Ring pull storage savers

Ring pull storage savers, BAYV.If you haven’t yet mustered the strength to cleanse your wardrobe this summer and are struggling for storage space, then look no further than the humble ring pull. By hooking a ring pull from a used drink can over a clothes hanger and attaching an additional hanger onto the other loop in the ring pull, you can actually double your hanging storage space and even hang complete outfits together. Before you know it, you’ll have coordinated, decluttered and reorganised your entire family’s wardrobes.




Lego organisers

Lego organisers, BAYV.It’s easy to just see Lego as tiny plastic bricks which litter carpets and cause minor injuries to your feet. But it can also be invaluable in helping organise your home. The hands of Lego figurines are ideal for holding computer wires and chargers, and so by getting crafty and creating a simple desk tidy using Lego figurines, you can make tangled wiring a thing of the past. Lego’s simple and effective sticking power is also great for key rings. By creating key rings from single Lego bricks which can then be attached to a Lego base plate mounted in your hallway, you’ll create a fun storage solution which appeals to parents and children alike.


Colour-coded keys

Colour-coded keys, BAYV.It’s a fact: the more pushed you are for time, the harder it is to find the right key. And although it may sound obvious, the easiest way to find the key you need from a growing bunch is to colour code it. Painting the ends of keys with nail varnish provides a quick, cost-effective and durable solution for colour-coding keys, and is also a great way of personalising each family member’s house key. This household hack is particularly useful during the summer months, when schedules are packed and families are constantly on the go.



Which household hacks do you and your family swear by? Let us know by commenting below!


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